Monthly Archives: August 2013

Dear Michelle…

Last Thursday I felt myself frustrated, telling God to go away. Why was He annoying me? What can’t I just live in peace and quiet? Earlier in the evening a friend asked how that day was. ‘Great. God left me the hell alone today!!’ was my honest reply.

Later that night I knew God was getting through and started writing. Below is what came out. For a few days I kept it to myself knowing in the back of my mind that I would eventually have to share it. I really want it to be mine and to keep it to myself. But that’s not how it works. So here is God’s Note to me that I give to you.


I want you, beautiful and naked and not wearing any of the burdens of your past. Wearing nothing so I am seen through you. Doing nothing of your own.

I want to shock you with me. I want to awe you with my presence.

Stop trying. No rules. Be. Be who I made you. Be everything I made you.

You will never feel safe with people. You will never find your security in people. Stop wanting what you see around you. Want Me. Live for Me. Live Me through you to them.

Stop worrying about your future. I got this. Do you think I’ve brought you here to leave you?

You must learn to trust. Trust Me. Trust those I put I your life. I have you. I  Love you. You are truly Beloved. I adore you – everything about you. I gaze at you with adoration because you are a reflection of Me.

You will be so completely overwhelmed when you look back. Sit. Sit in the agony of waiting. Sit in the privilege of rest. Sit in the power of knowing you have nothing to do but listen to My voice and follow. You have nothing to do but obey Me. There is nothing else. You get to do nothing but sit in the awe of knowing I have your life figured out for you. I have you. You can do nothing but wait… trust… rest… knowing I am gazing at you.