Tear and Dip


When 2013 started I was going to church each weekend. I couldn’t imagine I would stop going for several months, wrestle with where church belonged in my life and then return to find God to be so real for me in that building. 

For the last several months I’ve sat there asking ‘Why do you have me here God?’. Recently He’s been answering that question in very specific ways. 
Last Sunday morning I was asked if I wanted to serve Communion.
What the hell. Sure. Why not. 
I stood in the front with a cup of wine in my hands saying my version of ‘This is the blood of Christ shed for you’. I always try to mix it up a little to catch people off guard. I watched people. The orderly flow and people filing out of their seats around to the front, tearing bread and dipping into juice/wine and filing back into their seats. 


An hour later this flowed onto paper. 
Tear and dip
Shuffling feet
The same path every week

Strangers fall
Into orderly lines

Tear and dip
The same thing every week

The body…
Bread I hold in my hand

Wine or juice…
Dipped gingerly into

Hearing words
The same words every week

Then one week
I stand. The wine in my hand

Saying words
Seeing rituals and rote

I wonder
Do I really remember?

I say words
Tear and dip. Tear and dip.


About Michelle

I'm Michelle. I'm an extrovert city girl who grew up in the beautiful farm country of the East Coast and moved to Houston Texas 6 years ago. Stepping out, being known and letting myself be seen are some of the scariest and most frightening things I’ve done and that's what my blog is about. View all posts by Michelle

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