Monthly Archives: January 2015


Flowing full and free
Careless and passionately
feels like an illusion
laughing in our faces –
we can see but not have.
Feeling stifled and alone
burdened and overwhelmed.
Feeling like an invisible promise has been broken
Not sure who promised us. Were we promised?
Or are my dreams and untouchable goals products of my fantasy?
Can I just blame it on this culture?
On my church? or lack of church? My parents?
Is there freedom in this life?
Is it a visionless dream?
Or is it a little whisper in my soul?
Poking through my mind-clutter
asking for attention
for a moment to be heard.
can life be more? Full? Satisfying?
Could I enjoy it? May be even thrive?

Full and free and flowing forth
For those who will partake.



The blank page of hope
The birth of newness
Creativity springing forth from solitude and stillness.
Bending before the truth in my soul that I am a perfect creation
No blemishes or imperfections – just life’s lessons of my past.
No shame in who I used to be for who I was is now redeemed.
Everyday more redemption
Everyday new birth
Everyday settling within myself.
Hope – this blank page. No nagging voices of my failings.
Hope – a fresh start
Hope – a light through the tree
Hope – saying yes to the unknown.


Michelle Kohler