Monthly Archives: July 2015

Living in the Uncomfortable

I was driving to fast to stop. And I saw the body after I had passed. A body beside a truck with a man waving people down.
“Someone else will stop.”
2 minutes later I was in the parking lots with 3 people watching a man seizure on the ground.
According to the witness he was going to a gas station to get water and was most likely homeless.
The ambulance came. He was loaded. I drove away.
How do I live in a city where the homeless don’t have access to clean water to drink?
I go to a church that helps drill wells in 3rd world countries. I have friends who have worked overseas in programs drilling those wells. A friends name is on a well as a memorial. A new friend is running a non profit drilling wells.
But I drove away from that gas station last night with the question ‘what will I do about this?’
A few miles down the road, on the outer side of the city I stopped at a red light and a man came up to my window asking for money. I held a bottle of water out to him. His squeal was something like a 5 year old on Christmas seeing a new bike. He ran up and grabbed it yelling ‘thank you!!’
At the next light another man sat there with a sign.
I’ll stock my car with bottles of water this summer to help the little I can.
But there is more to be done in Houston and other cities.
I believe in doing small things. I can give out water bottles. But I also believe in thinking big.
I’ve lived here for almost 8 years and never have an answer to ‘what about the beggars?’
It’s easy to push this out of my mind and be numb to it but I won’t be numb to the needs of others.
Letting something effect and change me is a choice. Letting something be uncomfortable without fixing it or shutting it down isn’t pleasant. But it’s where I am right now and where I believe change will come from.